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Trameto’s Power Management Technology to Address Power Challenges of Wireless IoT Edge Devices

24 August 2022

Trameto's Power Management Technology to Address Power Challenges of Wireless IoT Edge Devices

Trameto’s OptiJoule Power Management Technology addresses the challenge of powering wireless IoT edge devices. Regular battery replacement is prohibitively expensive and environmentally damaging. OptiJoule energy harvesting power management ICs (EH PMICs) overcome the problem by efficiently and effectively processing even the tiniest amounts of energy derived from harvesting devices in the surrounding environment.

OptiJoule technology makes energy harvesting viable in a multitude of new applications, including smart buildings, consumer electronics, asset monitoring, agriculture, wearables, healthcare, and home automation.

A single OptiJoule EH PMIC automatically adapts to accept input from light (outdoor or indoor), thermal gradient, or vibration energy harvesters. It is possible to connect a single harvester to the EH PMIC, or up to four of the same or a mix of types.

Each input autonomously adjusts its characteristics to provide a perfect match for each harvester, capturing microwatts to milliwatts of energy. Then the EH PMIC intelligently optimizes the harvested energy to extract the most from all of the sources, all of the time. Simultaneously, it handles intelligent charge management of the energy store whether that’s a capacitor or rechargeable battery, and delivers the power to the load efficiently when it’s needed.

OptiJoule EH PMICs means improved energy utilization in a smaller footprint, a lower bill-of-materials through functional integration, reduced component inventory, and faster time-to-market by simplifying energy management design.

About Trameto

Trameto has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871747.

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